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    Now you can take your exhibitions everywhere and meet visitors any time.
    We have launched VAS-PRO application - Now you are able to create and publish exhibitions on the fly, right from your iPAD.




VAS is a network of 3D virtual Galleries for displaying art on the internet.

Any artist interested in mounting an exhibition can do so in a simple, user friendly way.
All you have to do is open an account (for free), choose an appropriate 3D gallery and upload your artworks. Once you've done that, anyone can visit your exhibition. Every visitor is represented by a 3D character, allowing everyone to see and be seen in the 3d gallery space in real-time.

VAS was founded by a group of artists who identified the need for 3D virtual galleries for the purposes of displaying art on the internet, in a way that would be closer to a real life viewing experience. Instead of just viewing single, two dimensional images, VAS enables you to display artworks in a variety of purpose designed 3D spaces, to hang and position artworks within those 3D spaces, to receive visitors from all over the world, to communicate with other artists and visitors, and even to host real-time, publicized opening events and private views.

As artists, it's important for us to be able to control the narrative of our exhibition. We have to be able to control the relationships between the artworks in terms of scale, form and content in order to display the artworks in the context of a complete exhibition, and not just as individual pieces. As well as providing 3D art galleries, VAS serves as a social network for the art community.
Every artist is represented by a personal profile page which includes a CV (resume), list of friends and favorite exhibitions. The artist profile can act as a networking tool between artists and viewers from all over the world, and can also serve you as a website with dynamic content. See you in 3D.

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