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Artists from Victoria Polytechnic
Melbourne, Australia
About the Artist
A collective of visual art students from the Diploma of Visual Art, Victoria Polytechnic


lisa cianci

favorite galleries

a series of images photographed on a twilight journey homethese pixels are still images captured from video that was captured from still images derived from scanned images of printed images - they have gone through many iterations and recursionsImages captured from glitching videos that have been incorrectly compressed or converted and the results look nothing like the original content (the original source will not be revealed). These images are artworks themselves, but are also intended to form parts of other series such as the Colour Fields generative code-driven animations. It would be great to print these images on a large scale as they work really well as abstracts, and the pixelation has a certain aesthetic quality which would translate well to a high-quality, colour digital print. This group keeps in mind the current discourse on the "New Aesthetic", though I'm not really sure if it falls under that genre. Maybe it does because it uses glitch and pixelation and contingency to create the images.
going home, sunday e... video painting - sti... Spilt

THE BEAUTY WITHIN CULTURE rain and renee Christian & Michael

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